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All blades that are nickel are tapped front and back. Copper blades are tape on the front only..
Six Pack
Candy Corn
Pink Shad
Dark Blue Shad
Adam and Eve
Twelth Round
Bumble Bee
Sun Burnt Shiner
Seven Eleven
Gold Digger
Psison Bitch
Crack Baby
Blue Crush Glow
Gold Shiner
Chocolate Shad
Pink Crush Glow
Orange Crush Glow
Chartreuse Shad
Light Blue Shad
Crazy Cousin
Green  Crush Glow
Green Shad
Yellow Crush Glow
Hair Of the Dog
My Baby's Daddy
Sugar Britches
My top 8 picks:
Orange Crush Glow
Crack Baby
Sun Burnt Shiner
Country Club
Prison Bitch
Six Pack
Pink Shad
Sugar Brithes
Willow Leaf Sizes 4, 5 and 6
Size 4 $3.00
Size 5 $3.50
Size 6 $4.00